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Innovative New Wi-Fi Security Solutions for Home & Business

Introducing the Future of Customized Wi-Fi Network Security

Living in the Digital Age isn’t news anymore; it’s our new normal. We rely on digital networks for everything from communication, to entertainment, to home and workplace security, to driving directions and more. What many of us don’t realize, however, is just how vulnerable our various systems and devices are to malicious external influences and attacks.

Wi-Fi network security experts Patrick Cavanaugh and Brad Hawkins have created a tool that not only makes your home or workplace network more secure, it does so with intuitive ease so anyone can drive this powerful security solution. They call it: WideFi.

WideFi Networks, LLC provides an easy way to visualize, monitor, control and protect your home and business by pairing your existing router with cloud-based security options.

A Software Solution that Uses Your Existing Router

Unlike competing Wi-Fi security products, WideFi offers a solution that is entirely software- and cloud-based, meaning you don’t need to purchase any proprietary hardware in order to take advantage of this new technology. New routers are constantly being added to the existing WideFi roster of compatible devices so most people will be able to participate in WideFi security right away. Anyone who has a router that isn’t currently WideFi-ready has the option to be notified when their device is added or to upgrade their device through their Internet service provider (or a local electronics retailer).

Who Needs WideFi?

If any of the following appeal to you, WideFi is an ideal solution:

* Connect new devices such as a TV, Blu-Ray player, streaming tool or new phone without compromising the security of your personal information.
* Know what, when, where and how your home network is being used.
* Approve which sources have access to your home network and which to deny access.
* Go from not knowing how to change your router password to being your home’s system administrator thanks to the simplicity of the WideFi dashboard.

* All of the above, plus…
* Manage children’s Internet time and access.
* Observe and control which apps are being used on your devices and how much access they have to your network.
* Decide for yourself what is dangerous and what is safe when it comes to users, apps, websites and devices.
* Protect kids from Internet predators.

* Protect client data.
* Control what types of content can be viewed via your network.
* Protect your investments while providing greater service to your customers.
* Prevent malicious manipulation of internal systems.
* Market directly to any device you have previously allowed access to your network.

Network Visualization. Network Control. Network Management.

Control Access to Your Network

The Internet is full of opportunities as well as threats. Know which of these are affecting your network; in other words, easily empower yourself to say “yes” or “no” to any incoming requests from users, apps or programs that are trying to access your network. Protect your family or business from known and unknown risks by seeing everything that interacts with your network and deciding for yourself what you wish to permit. WideFi exposes, educates and equips you to control your network’s accessibility.

Easy and Cost Effective

The WideFi user dashboard puts all necessary network information into a visual interface that is simple to use and easy to understand. You can control how various sources and devices use your network while protecting both your network and your own devices from potential cyber threats and security risks. WideFi for the home starts at $9.99 and WideFi for business starts at $59.99, and there is no hardware to purchase.

“We’re protecting kids; we’re protecting investments; we’re protecting homes and we’re giving businesses the ability to create a greater service for their customers.”
-- Patrick Cavanaugh, Founder of WideFi Networks

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To learn more, visit www.WideFi.com.
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